Investment silver is a specific form of silver used for investment purposes. It concerns silver ingots, bars, and coins of high purity (99.9%) and a defined weight. The most popular ingots weigh 250 g, 500 g, and 1000 g, as well as ounce coins (31.103 g).

The vast majority of silver is used in the industrial area, in electrical engineering, in particular. A large part of silver is lost irretrievably this way and cannot be recycled. There is lack of silver, thus you cannot find it in the reserves of central banks, since these reserves have long compensated for the extraction deficit of silver. These reserves of central banks have been depleted completely.

Silver has unique physical properties. Out of all elements, silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity. This is why it is so broadly used. A number of things around us contain silver (computer, refrigerator, TV, mobile phone, car). Silver is applied significantly also in medicine and chemistry (e.g. water treatment, in jewellery-making, etc. A large amount of silver is consumed in the arms industry (missiles, guided missiles, torpedoes, submarines, etc.).



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