Why should you have the iiplan - Intelligent Investment Plan

Investment gold is not subject to inflation and, on a long-term basis, it maintains a stable purchasing power. It is exempt from VAT and the yields from sales of precious metals are not subject to income tax. It is a means of security in case of political, wartime, economic or currency shakes which could result in a loss of currency value.

Investment gold is actually available

Purchase of investment gold does not mean any burden to a family budget. Regular purchase can be made starting from EUR 4. Precisely with this amount you can gradually purchase selected investment ingots within the iiplan®. iiplan® may be arranged and signed by a person over the age of 18. iiplan® may be used as savings for children. In such a case, the contract is concluded by their parents, grandparents or other close relatives.


How does the iiplan® work

Depending on the paid monthly amount and on the current price of the selected ingot at the time of payment crediting to IBIS In Gold ® account, the relevant part of the ingot is purchased. Therefore, your savings are not formed by money, but by a universal world currency.

When the full ingot weight is fixed, the ingot becomes the buyer’s property and is dispatched in compliance with his or her instructions. Postage fee, packaging, and insurance are all stipulated in compliance with the valid service price list.

During the course of savings, the buyer is informed by email of any change, such as contract conclusion, payment crediting, course of the purchase and dispatching of the ingot.

iiplan® is arranged subject to an initial fee which may be paid as a lump-sum payment or in regular instalments. The initial fee is returned to the buyer by means of the iiplan® repurchase bonus payable at the moment of reselling of the investment ingots. Further administration and iiplan® management is free of charge.

Main advantages of iiplan®

  • It is not a property account from which you would only receive statements.
  • By arranging iiplan®, the buyer receives real physical investment ingots.
  • Only gold, which is held in the client’s hands under full control will prove its protection value and security within the full scope.
  • The same money brings you more gold - thanks to iiplan®, even clients with smaller fortunes may purchase ingots of a higher weight and a better price per gram. This way, clients receive another bonus compared to a one-time purchase.

FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY NOT 600 g of investment gold, BUT!!! 1000 g of investment gold

Spořící programÚspora
Gold investment ingot 1,0 g
Gold investment ingot 2,5 g graf16 -16%
Gold investment ingot 5,0 g graf24 -24%
Gold investment ingot 10,0 g graf32 -32%
Gold investment ingot 31,1 g graf40 -40%
Gold investment ingot 50,0 g graf43 -43%
Gold investment ingot 100,0 g graf47 -47%
Gold investment ingot 250,0 g graf49 -49%
  • iiplan® connects the benefits of investment gold possession with the benefits of regular investments. The price of investment ingots depends on the price development on precious metal exchange and on the exchange rate. Clients do not need to wait for a suitable investment time. Regular investment uses the benefits of the price averaging effect. Therefore, the highest amounts of gold are purchased for the cheapest prices. If the price goes up, clients purchase less, but they already take profit of saved-up ingots.
  • iiplan® offers the buyer complete freedom. The buyers themselves define the amount of regular payments, the weight and number of ingots purchased. During the course of savings, the buyers amend the payment amount and frequency as required, they make extraordinary payments, discontinue payments, and change the dispatching terms and conditions. All changes are made free of charge.
  • iiplan® offers a guaranteed quality - ingots produced by PAMP, the most prestigious world refinery (with a certificate of weight, highest purity, and serial number).  The first holder is the buyer himself or herself.




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