Ownership of gold as a means of wealth and family security growing has a very long history. There are so many savings products and investment possibilities - why should you thus pursue saving in gold?

Investment gold, compared to real estate property, money, and stock, is the portfolio stabilizer. A well-balanced investment distribution may help you grow your wealth more securely and efficiently.

No need to have hundreds of thousands in order to start purchasing precious metals. There are no binding limits for your savings. iiplan® provides you with freedom in the savings style. You will choose yourselves which ingots or coins to purchase, which volumes and the amount of your regular contractual payment.

The amount of regular payments and their frequency may be regulated even during the course of savings. You can make any extraordinary deposit and accelerate this way the purchase of investment metals.

iiplan® makes your way to investment metals wide open while you are free to use their several advantages:

  • Investment gold is exempt from VAT.
  • Sales of precious metals are not subject to income tax.
  • Investment metals are not depreciated by inflation; as opposed to that, they keep their value and their value keeps rising.


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iiplan® service (i.e. Intelligent Investment Plan) of IBIS InGold® is a form of medium-term or long-term savings. It is a good way to grow your wealth in a “currency” exchangeable all around the world.


By using iiplan®, you minimise the risk of a badly-timed investment. Investment ingots or coins are purchased gradually from each credited payment, which helps you use the effect of averaging the price.


Confirmation of each payment is sent to your email address. The course of your savings may also be monitored within your user account, which is available immediately upon the contract conclusion.


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