Why should you have iiplan® - Intelligent Investment Plan?

01/ What is iiplan®?

iiplan® is the intelligent investment plan enabling customers to purchase investment precious metals with fixing proportional to their weight.

02/ Why iiplan®?

iiplan® is a revolutionary and highly efficient method of gradual exchange of monetary virtual value for real and highly stable value of precious metals. Each invested penny will be shown with respect to fixing of the proportional weight part of the investment precious metal with four decimal place accuracy.

The form of gradual purchase enables a more efficient protection of the customer’s property and accelerates gaining the selected ingot of investment precious metal. iiplan® only includes one fee - initial fee calculated from the target amount according to the number of ingots. No further fees, such as account administration, received payments, changes in the contract, customer account suspension or even termination, are charged. This is a great advantage compared to all monetary accounts as well as accounts held in securities. iiplan® is a unique savings product with a favourable fee policy.

Proč iiplan®
03/ Advantageous saving?

Regular investment offers historically a much more efficient valuation than short selling and waiting for a “suitable” moment. There is no need of a large one-time investment, iiplan® enables the purchase of precious metals even in hundreds of crowns.

04/ Risk minimizing of price fluctuations.

Regular purchasing eliminates the negative impact of price fluctuations. In particular with respect to regular investment, the risk is minimized even for several decades. It is due to the so called cost average effect. Despite the fact that the customer invests regularly a similar amount, the price for which he or she makes the purchase varies every time due to the aforementioned price fluctuations of precious metals.

05/ Financial crisis.

Crises and falls, as well as subsequent upswings, are nothing extraordinary and form a necessary and natural development part. There is an efficient method how to get protected against a crisis, i.e. to invest in investment precious metals which are value keepers whatsoever. iiplan® ensures protection against inflation, economic instability or fear from increasing debts of state budgets.

06/ You define the rules yourself.

Customers are the ones who define the type and amount of investment precious metals (ingots) they wish to purchase, as well as the frequency and number of years of purchase by means of this method. Every customer may arrange an unlimited number of iiplan® contracts. During the course of the term of iiplan® contract, customers may make extraordinary payments and accelerate this way the purchase of the selected precious metal; they may also change the amount of their regular investment or discontinue the payment, or they may even transfer their contract to another person. This way, customers have the amazing freedom of their saving style.

07/ Who is iiplan® designed for?

The iiplan® contract may be concluded by a person over the age of 18, there are no other limits or restrictions. iiplan® may be arranged literally by anyone who takes into consideration his or her protection of property, security of his or her family, and the future of his or her children or grandchildren.

08/ Quality guarantee.

Customers require solely top quality for their money as well as liquidity guaranteed by the producer with Good Delivery certification. This also guarantees customers the reverse convertibility for money - anywhere in the world. Customers get a life-long service from the seller with respect to the purchase of investment precious ingots as well as repurchase.

09/ Investment administrator’s low risk.

As opposed to investment in, let’s say, mutual funds where the investor takes risk in the total amount of his or her investment until liquidation, iiplan® minimizes this risk to the value of one selected ingot, since the investment liquidation is realised continuously by means of regular expedition of ingots to the customer’s hands.

10/ Decision.

There is no need to exchange all your property for precious metals. A sufficient amount is about 5 - 15% of your property. The value of investment precious metals does not depend on governments and currencies, productivity or other economic or political factors. Despite any short-term fluctuations of prices of metals, on a long-term basis, their value remains stable regardless of years of appreciation or any period of crisis.


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