Similarly to gold, platinum is considered to be a “safe harbour“, investors thus purchase platinum ingots and coins in order to secure their portfolios. Price of platinum is currently extraordinarily low. It is even cheaper than gold, even though it commonly reaches double its price. This makes platinum really interesting to investors.

Silver, as well as platinum, is an investment and industrial metal. It is greyish-white, very weighty and extraordinarily chemically resistant. Thanks to its properties, it is practically irreplaceable. The greatest use is found in production of catalysts for diesel engines. Platinum is frequently used in the production of hydrogen-powered electric cars - one hydrogen fuel cell requires 1 ounce of platinum.

The most precious metal

Platinum is generally perceived as the best. It is commonly called “the gold of the rich ones”, because it is considered as more expensive and precious than gold. As opposed to gold and silver, i.e. precious metals already known to the ancient civilisations, platinum was discovered relatively recently - only in the 18th century. What contributed to this was the fact that it is much more precious than gold and silver with respect to its amount on Earth. Even as regards its yearly production, platinum is fifteen to twenty times more precious than gold. There are around 200 tonnes of it extracted yearly, which is about 5 to 10% of yearly production of gold. Despite this fact, platinum is currently sold for a lower price than the yellow metal. The price of platinum was lower than gold only a few times in the past 100 years. This extraordinary phenomenon is happening right now, too.

Platinum is a malleable, but a very hard metal - its processing is difficult and its modification requires great technical skills.



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