Proč a jak jednorázově nakupovat v obchodě do zlata?


01/ Who is a one-time purchase of investment precious metals designed for?

A one-time purchase of investment precious metals is advantageous for customers who have sufficient funds for immediate use and who also wish to maintain the purchasing power of these available funds. Investment precious metals keep your family fortune growing and the more the value of paper money depreciates, the more the purchasing power of your fortune keeps growing.


02/ Why should you make a one-time purchase?

Every time you have lump-sum funds available, you should invest a part of them in investment precious metals. If you purchase precious metals, you will always know how much fortune you have and how much you leave to your family as opposed to money which loses its purchasing power.


03/ Risk minimizing of price fluctuations.

Generally, the price of investment precious metals is subject to the influence of the market price development of investment precious metals at financial markets. Fast payment of ordered investment precious metals enables customers to fix their price.


04/ Financial crisis.

Crises and falls, as well as subsequent upswings, are nothing extraordinary and form a necessary and natural development part. There is an efficient method how to get protected against a crisis, i.e. to invest in investment precious metals which are value keepers whatsoever.


05/ You define the rules yourself.

When making a one-time purchase of investment precious metals, customers define the investment amount and term themselves. The investment moment is not stipulated; customers themselves determine when to invest. Customers choose themselves in which investment precious metal or metals, in accordance with the metal grammage, they wish to invest.


06/ Further one-time purchase of investment precious metals.

There is no need to exchange all your property for gold and silver. A sufficient amount is about 5 - 15% of your property. If you invest in precious metals only 5% of your property and there is a twentyfold increase in price of metal, while your other 95% of property vanishes in other products due to inflation and devaluation, then the 5% invested in precious metals will completely compensate for such a loss of 95%. You cannot lose the value of invested capital.


07/ Decision.

The frequency and regularity of purchase of investment precious metals is the best decision for goal-directed growth of your family fortune!


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