As a value keeper, investment gold has been used by individuals and states for thousands of years. Investment gold works as a means of security against depreciation caused by inflationary pressures - due to inflation, money losses its value; as opposed to that, gold is a value keeper for the whole history of human mankind, since the ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, from the ancient times to the present.

Gold is a precious metal with many unique properties. As opposed to other metals, it is chemically very stable. Pure gold is soft but very weighty. Its density is twice as high as the density of lead. The combination of these two properties predestined gold to be the ideal material for production of valuables and means of payment. At modern times, gold has been broadly applied in the field of industry and medicine. Investment gold is a specific form of gold used as secure means of financial capital savings. It concerns gold ingots (bullions) of 999.9/1000 fineness - 24-carat gold, i.e. pure gold

Money/banknotes originated as cash receipt - the receipt included information on the amount of gold or silver owned by its holder in the bank. Up to the year 1971 when so called “Gold Standard” (Bretton-Woods system) was brought to an end, many currencies were converted to gold. Currently there is no currency that could be converted to a real physical value. Therefore, gold has lost its role of tender, however, it remains a value keeper.

In these unstable times, more and more people decide to purchase physical investment gold due to the real fear of collapse of the current financial and monetary system.



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