FireGold s.r.o. was established as a result of its founders’ strong vision, experience, and great enthusiasm. The fundamental vision was and still is to make investment gold and silver accessible to anyone who wants to protect his or her financial reserves by means of the modern saving scheme iiplan® against depreciation which is, nowadays, an urgent threat.

In order to make such a project successful, it is necessary to engage a strong and respected business partner with direct connections to the prestigious Swiss refinery. For FireGold, such a partner is IBIS InGold, a.s..


Strategic partnership was affirmed by property interest of IBIS InGold, a.s. in company FireGold. These days IBIS InGold, a.s. is a 25% member of FireGold.

Thanks to such a strategic partnership, we can provide our customers with the best service concerning purchase as well as resale. This way we can create an exclusive background with respect to remuneration as well as overall information and business support.

Our vision is to become a Slovak market leader in investment in precious metals, including but not limited to the physical investment gold and gold investment coins. We have set gold to be our priority in the precious metals segment due to the fact that gold as a metal has a unique property - it does not lose its value. On the contrary, the value of gold is rising, it has been actually rising for hundreds and thousands of years. For 6 000 years, gold has been used as a universal tender and a value keeper. In these unstable times, gold represents an ideal solution for financial savings in order to protect money from devaluation and from loss of purchasing power.

We have been on the investment and financial consultancy market in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic for over twenty years.  The founders and spiritual leaders of the FireGold SK project are successful managers, businessmen and tradesmen in one person, who have led and trained several thousands of tradesmen and financial consultants during their years of career.

We provide our clients with a whole range of saving schemes into investment gold and silver (ingots and coins), as well as the option to realise a one-time purchase of physical investment gold, silver or investment coins. You can start your saving from EUR 4 per month, i.e. saving in physical investment gold is available to broad public. The most frequent amounts saved on a monthly basis concern EUR 60 to 100. Our main goal is to ensure the maximum availability of saving in physical gold and silver for broad public. Along with our partners, we provide a complex service in the area of purchase as well as repurchase of precious metals. We also provide our clients with consultancy when setting up their portfolios or setting up their saving scheme or realising one-time purchasing.


Our vision

We aim to become a leader of Slovak precious metals investment market. FireGold, a synonym to quality saving in physical gold and silver in the Slovak Republic; the first choice of clients within this area.


Our mission

We protect money against its devaluation and loss of purchasing power by means of saving in physical gold and silver and by means of its one-time purchase. We actively educate the public in the area of financial literacy and the right investment of funds.


Our values

  • Quality and honesty
  • Liability
  • Freedom and partnership
  • Transparency and openness
  • Education and personal development

The key parameters of our work are honesty and transparency. That is the fundamental security of each customer and co-worker who cooperates with us.


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